Passion Is The Root of All Greatness


Every once in awhile you are lucky enough to participate in or be exposed to something phenomenal, something beautifully eye-opening.

Yesterday, I was blessed enough to do just that.

International project Dear World was brought to my institution (by none other than my college, my work and the location in which I work-yeah I am bragging). I won’t get into the “about” of Dear World, but ultimately the project aims to tell people’s personal stories, because everyone has one.

I had known for awhile that I was going to be one of the few to participate in a private photo shoot early in the day, releasing my photo to create hype about the project on campus. My thoughts-I get to write something inspirational on myself, get my photo taken and I HAVE to post it? Um, I can definitely do that.

As you can imagine, as someone in the PR world, with a focus on digital marketing, I was a bit excited about this for quite some time (but really, I spent time thinking about what I was going to wear, what face I was going to make and what pose I was going to do).

But that didn’t matter. The point of this experience is to tell the world what you want to tell it. To let your message be seen, read and heard. So what was I going to write?

I’m a lover of inspirational quotes, let’s be honest who doesn’t like a good “quote” board on Pinterest? So I looked, but I didn’t find what I wanted.

I believe that passionate people do amazing things. Why? Because they care. They start life-changing projects (see Dear World), they create beautiful art, they write beautiful things, they solve near-impossible equations, they save lives and they cure disease. Passionate people change the world everyday, whether it’s searching for a cure for cancer or making just one person smile-I believe that passion is the root of all greatness.

I guess maybe this is why it has taken me a bit longer than some to find my way. I refuse to settle in my life. I refuse to live without passion, work without passion, create without passion or love without passion.

I find conversing with people that are passionate about something, whether it’s their work, their love life, their friends, their hobby or a cause, one of the most stimulating things there is. That is one of the reasons I am an “aspiring PR professional,” I want to help others to live out their passions and be successful in what they do.

I believe that passion is the root of all greatness. I also believe that only you can enable yourself to live your passion. Entrenchment is not an option-find out what you are passionate about, follow your heart and never give up, because if you follow your passions, something great will transpire.

I haven’t always followed this way of thinking, before I knew what I truly wanted in life (although that will always be a work in progress) I didn’t take the necessary steps to follow my passions. However I have recently realized the importance of hard work and attaining what you want, I don’t want “what if” to be anywhere near my vocabulary. My new found drive for life is fueled by these thoughts, I guess I’m kind of scared-scared to not live up to my potential and pursue my passions.  Therefore I will never again live a life less than I am capable of living.*

Yesterday not only reassured me about how I want to live my life, but it opened my eyes to those around me. Dear World allowed for me and others to connect with complete strangers, learn more about our friends and to realize that everyone is relevant, everyone has talent, everyone has a voice and everyone has a story worth telling.

*My favorite quote-“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” -Nelson Mandela


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