Finding that Love (And Growing Up in the Process)

Some people are obsessed with finding someone that they love, someone that loves them back.

Personally, I’m obsessed with finding something that I love, something that loves me back.

And I’ve found it.

My hope is that everyone finds it at some point. It doesn’t mean that you have to know exactly what job title and responsibilities you want, not in the slightest. But it does mean that you know the direction you’re headed, and you know it with your whole heart.

Once you’ve found what you love, what gets your passion going, it will love you right back. Why? Because you spend hours upon hours working toward it and bettering yourself for it. There are no limits. You are the only one that can hold yourself back from being what and who you want.

Opportunities are endless.

I’m not sure where people get the idea that they are not capable of doing something. It’s good to be realistic, sure (I will never get into Harvard-mostly because I had a little too much fun my first couple years of college, no rAgrets). However I could get into another east coast graduate school down the road-and by the way, I will. Don’t doubt yourself, because if you do, so will everyone else.

I have many goals. These goals drive me every day to get up and work hard. Each day is a chance to put yourself one day closer to your ultimate goals, and that’s a gift in itself.

Will I necessarily attain my exact dream life? Probably not. But will I attain my goals and be happy wherever I end up? Yes, because I’m working hard to ensure that I do something worthwhile and end up doing something that I love. I refuse to go to a job I hate. But with that refusal comes a lot of hard work and even more sacrifices.

Some people may think that you’ve changed. But once you’ve found what you love, all of the sacrifices don’t seem like sacrifices at all. You should feel blessed that you have to go to bed a bit earlier because you have an awesome job to go to in the morning. You should want to read for class because it’s putting you that much closer to getting into grad school.

If you were anything like me back in the day, change is good. If I was still the same person I was my freshman year of college, I’d be concerned about where I was going in life. Fun and harmless sure, but for life? I don’t think so. Duh we change. Duh we prioritize. Duh we get a little “boring.”

You can’t be a kid forever, but you can be happy (and should be) forever. Don’t be scared to grow up, embrace it and be your best self, but make sure to stay young at heart, always.


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