An Ode to the Basics


This is my ode to the basics. By ode, I mean a form of writing that I am completely using wrong (it’s technically a lyrical poem) but am choosing to ignore because I like the title of this blog post. By basic, I mean anyone that falls under the category of the trending “basic girl” or anyone that can relate.Ready… okay:

First of all, I can’t even figure out where to begin.

Literally though, I can’t.

The mythical persona known as the “basic girl” is something that appears in “10 things…” and “5 ways…” articles often, mainly geared toward millennials that enjoy humor, self-help and procrastination. (Personally, I love these types of articles. Duh, I have a blog).

I am basic.

I’m obsessed with scented candles. I really do love pumpkin spice lattes. Pictures of trees are pretty, and Instagram filters only enhance. Uggs are warm. I own 22 scarves (I counted).

Sometimes, I really “just can’t.”

I used to take it personal if someone called me basic. I am an intellectual and hipster person I swear. I’m down to earth, chill and different, the last thing from basic.

The fact that I let it bother me is comical, not to mention just so basic.

Trends are trends. People like similar things because those things are usually legitimate things to like. Why call yourself basic for enjoying a simple pleasure in life such as the joys of fall? Why feel bad about yourself because you got your first pumpkin spice latte of the season and you Instagrammed it because you’re excited?

This is my ode to the basics, for not caring that they’re basic. This is my ode to the hipsters, for not caring that they’re hipsters (however I don’t think any hipsters will read this because they probably knew blogging was cool before it was cool so they’re on to something new at this point). This is my ode to the people that love their style and rock it every day. This is my ode to the people that enjoy a certain band and listen to it whenever they want. This is my ode to the people that allow themselves to indulge and enjoy the little things in life, regardless of any stereotype or different opinion.

This is my ode to the basics. Really though, this is my ode to what “basic” represents. This is my ode to anyone that does whatever they want because they don’t care what anyone thinks about it (something I definitely need work on- I’ll put it on my list).

This was probably pretty basic of me to write, but oh well.

*If you got the Bring It On reference in there, you are probably guilty of being “basic.” You are also probably really cool. Just in case you needed help with figuring out your identity.


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